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  • Monday, January 29, 2018

    Have you ever found a note years later and had a greater impact than the first time you read it? I had that opportunity over the weekend. I was looking through old boxes and found this note that I was given more than 30 years ago. It resonated more today than it did back then.  The poem is called

     "Take God As Your Shield

    If times are hard and you feel blue, think of the others worrying too;  Just because your trials are many, don't think the rest of us haven't any;  Life is made up of smiles and tears, joys and sorrows mixed with fears; And tho to you it seems one sided, trouble is pretty well divided; If we could look in every heart, we'd find that each one has his part; Those who travel fortune's road, sometimes carry the biggest load. It's not ours to understand our lot in life, whether it's filled with joy or strife; It is enough to know God controls it all, with Him as our shield we will not fall.

    -author unknown”