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  • Monday, March 05, 2018

    When is work NOT work? When you love it so much you can't retire.

    Case in point...Arnaldo De Castris of Montreal, Canada. He worked in the same neighborhood delivering milk, eggs and butter for almost 70 years. His doctor told him it was time to slow down, telling him "Your 82 not 22." So he retired. But Arnie, as some of his customers call him, got bored. Now he's back working along side his cousin Richard. Richard says Arnaldo will be tagging along as long as he wants to.

    Arnaldo is appreciative of his cousin letting him work with him. And he's very happy to get out of the house.

    Most areas have said farewell to home milk delivery. But it still exists in some neighborhoods. Arnaldo is very glad it does.

    So it brings up the questions, what will you do when you retire? Are you looking forward to it or dreading it? I think it all depends on how much you love what you do.

    I, for one, am not really looking forward to retirement. I love what God allows me to do on a daily basis. 

    I think God wants to use us in our retirement. What does that look like? We all have different answers.