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  • Thursday, October 12, 2017

    I'm possibly gonna open a can of worms here. Do you think kids should be paid for doing chores around the house?

    A majority of parents in a recent study say “yes.” However, some experts say that kids should be expected to do chores, regardless of the allowance they get and that the allowance is to teach them about money, not a reward for their work.

    My husband, Mark and I have always given our boys an allowance, but we never tied it to their chores. We DID occasionally pay them for doing extra work around the house, but the allowance…and the chores…were just expected.

    What do YOU think? Do you give your kids an allowance? Is it tied to the chores they do around the house?


  • Wednesday, October 11, 2017

    If you or your kids have ever been in any sort of show, you know that…well…things happen. Crazy things! I've been performing on stage most of my life, in choirs, plays, small groups or on worship team. And, there have been more mishaps than I can count! I've run right out of my shoes, had props accidentally fly across the stage and totally forgotten my lines!

    My son, Jarod experienced the chaos of live performance the other day! He plays the trombone and he's playing in the orchestra for his college musical production. Right in the middle of the show…on opening night…disaster struck!

    It was one of the peak moments in the show…we're talking serious drama! The hero and the “bad guy” were fighting, the fog machine was blowing, dramatic music was blasting…and…the hero's wig went flying off!

    It. Was. Fantastic! The poor guy was awesome! He managed to keep fighting while he frantically pulled the wig back on.  He finished the scene with the wig slightly askew, but he made it. After all, the show must go on!


  • Tuesday, October 10, 2017

    I think that much of the time, we really have no idea what the person right next to us is going through. Even people that we see every day.

    Elle Deal learned that recently. She's an elementary school teacher and she gave her students a simple writing assignment and the response shocked her!

    She asked them to write a short blub, titled “I wish my teacher would know…” and then anything they thought she should know.

    The answers were heartbreaking.

    One student said “I wish my teacher would know that my dad is in jail and I haven't seen him in years.”

    Another? “I wish my teacher would know that I don't always eat dinner because my mom works and I don't know how to work the stove.”

    One child said “I wish my teacher would know that I don't always have sneakers for gym class because my brothers and I share one pair.”

    And finally, “I wish my teacher would know that I like coming to school because it's quiet here, not like my house with all the yelling.”

    Elle was heartbroken. And, she made the choice to spend her life trying to make a difference for others. She wants to spend less time talking and judging. She wants to ask more questions and spend a whole lot more time listening.

    She issued a challenge to all of us. She said “We all need to shift our mindset and see things from other people's perspective, give more than we get and live to serve.”