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  • Wednesday, December 20, 2017

    What do you want for Christmas? Kids are asked that a lot at this time of the year and they usually have a HUGE list of things ranging from Star Wars LEGO's to a GoPro camera. But, when 7-year old Crystal Pacheco wrote a letter to Santa for a school assignment, answering that question, her letter broke her teacher's heart. It said: “This Christmas I would like a ball, and food and a blanket.”

    Her teacher posted about it on Facebook and said “This makes me very sad. When your students ask for food, blankets or a bed instead of toys. As a teacher it breaks my heart when I hear them ask for things that we sometimes take for granted.”

    Her post went viral. And that's when the gifts started pouring in. Thanks to the power of social media, Crystal's wish is being granted…big time!

    As of this morning, the school has received more than 700 blankets…enough for every student in the school to take one home! Not only that, the school has gotten calls from all over the world and donations continue to pour in. They haven't even gotten a chance to open all the boxes yet…they can't keep up!

    The school is in an area where more than 30% of the people live in poverty, so these gifts are going to make a huge difference for a lot of people. The principal of the school said “For me, it reaffirms that community service and what we do on a daily basis for our students matters. And that there's still goodness in the world.”

    The teacher who started the whole outpouring said “There is so much joy in my heart to see all the love and support towards our school from all over the world.