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  • Thursday, December 21, 2017

    How many presents did you buy this year? 10 or so? I'm guessing not as many as Jennifer Olawski. She bought more than 500 presents!

    She teaches Health & Education at an elementary school in New Jersey. Last year, she was talking with a student about Christmas when she had an “Ah ha!” moment. She said “I asked if she was getting exited for Christmas and she just looked at me with a blank face and said that she didn't care for Christmas because she never got any presents. To her it was just a blank day.”

    So, she decided to get that student a Christmas present. And that grew into something pretty incredible! She raised money to get EVERY student a gift!

    And this year? It's even bigger! She started raising money at the end of October and she ended up raising close to $5000!

    In addition to a gift for each kid, she got a hat and gloves for each one, as well!

    And it was not easy! She had to carry all the gifts up to her walk-up apartment and store them in her living room! She hosted wrapping parties to get all the gifts wrapped in time to give to the students this week!

    As you can imagine, the students were blown away to get Christmas presents this year…some for the first time ever.

    Meanwhile, Jennifer is just really grateful to everyone who helped. She said “All my family and friends jut got really involved. I was really shocked that so many people that weren't really even able to give, still gave.”