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  • Tuesday, January 02, 2018

    Can I be honest here? It's a bit of a bummer day. In fact, judging by social media this morning, it's one of the crankiest days of the year. The holidays are over. It's freezing cold. It's dark. Those who were on vacation are back and had to get out of bed…like…4 hours earlier than they've been getting up.

    Drivers were cranky on my commute and the parking lot at the gym was packed.

    Yup, it's January 2nd.

    So, what do you say we turn today on it's head. Let's look for the positives…whether big or small. For instance, I'm kind of giddy about the fact that I found my favorite lip gloss…Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers…which was discontinued years ago…I found it in an after-Christmas sale and raided the whole shelf!

    This makes me happy! It's the little things!

    So, lets celebrate the happy things today. Do you have something really great that you're looking forward to this year? Maybe it's as simple as finding  your favorite lip gloss or not gaining too much weight over the holidays!

    What do you want to celebrate today?