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  • Wednesday, January 03, 2018

    I love hearing about the church being the church. A church that's doing the work of Jesus by meeting the needs of people in their community…feeding and clothing them.

    And, every once in a while, you hear about people being “the church” TO the church.

    It happened in Minneapolis recently. Gethsemane Lutheran Church faced a serious crisis when their boiler went out…leaving the church freezing cold. The cost for a new one? $50,000! So, they thought they had no choice but to shut down their low-cost daycare center and their food ministry, which serves more than 4000 people every month.

    But, a local TV station found out about their need and asked their viewers to help. And in just 2 days, the church saw a miracle happen! Viewers donated more than the $50,000 the church needed for a new boiler!

    And, the miracle didn't stop there. When people at another church in town heard about what was going on, they got together and donated another $10,000 to the church! Isn't that fantastic?! At last report, the church has received over $67,000!

    When the pastor of the church found out about the miracle, he said “With God at the helm, the future at this sanctuary is bright…and now, it's warm.”