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  • Monday, November 07, 2016

    If you have asked Jesus into your heart, It's so important to share your story! Here are two amazing true stories interwoven with thoughts from Billy Graham. Thousands upon thousands of people around the planet have discovered who Jesus is because of him. Happy Birthday, Dr. Graham!


  • Monday, October 31, 2016

    If you've been to the dentist for a checkup lately, you probably left with a little baggie of goodies. Toothpaste, mouthwash. And maybe some....uh..dental floss. Confession time. I don't use dental floss like I should. In fact, I often wait till the day before a dental appointment and then I floss to show the good doctor that I have been flossing! I'd rather use a Water Pic actually, but hat's another story.

    So, what to do with all those little contains of dental floss in the back of your bathroom cabinet.

    1. FIX EYEGLASSES. Thread a piece of dental floss thru the hole the score on your glasses goes thru. It's temporary. And it looks a whole lot better than duct tape.

    2. SEW A BUTTON. If you have buttons floating around in a drawer, use dental floss to string all the same color buttons together. At least you'll feel more organized.

    3. CUT THE CHEESECAKE. Dental floss will cut a cheesecake better than most knives. 

    4. CLEAN FURNITURE. If you have furniture with hard to get at crevices, take about 12 inches of floss and wind the ends around your fingers. Clean out the furniture's wedged in dirt.

    5. TIE IT UP. When  shoelace tears and you have no string around, use floss to keep your shoe tied until you replace the lace.

    DISCLAIMER: Good dental health is important. That said, apologies to those dentists and others who use dental floss faithfully. You are a great example to others, like me!

  • Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    Over the weekend, my wife, Dean, and I, decided to read a book. We sometimes do this by reading out loud to each other, a few chapters at a time. Little did either of us now we were about to be so amazed at the true story, A BOY BACK FROM HEAVEN, we would read the entire book to each other that night. Beautifully written by Celeste Goodwin, the mom, about life in her family with her husband, Billy, and sons Conner and Matthew. And then the medical issues begin with Matthew. Doctors called it an anomaly. His family called it a miracle. I found myself getting emotional and having to pause to collect myself several times as we read. The story is written in such a way that any parent would have the same feeling...be thinking the same things, about the future of their own child.

    A great read for the entire family...maybe even to be read out loud! Highly recommended. A story of God at work in ways we can't even imagine! Stunning.