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  • Thursday, February 08, 2018

    There's an unwritten rule somewhere in the universe that we're not supposed to wear certain things to work...even when they would be the MOST comfortable.  

    That said, there are, according to "experts" some things we should avoid: 

    1. Smelly, over-the-top perfume. If your scent (good OR bad) wafts into the office before you do, there might be a problem.

    2. Shower shoes or flip-flops, even if they're colorful and fun. They're a no, plus a coworker could accidentally step on the back of your shoe, causing it to rip in half and then you'd be left with nothing but a piece of rubber for the rest of the day!

    3. 80's-style "Flashdance" sweatshirts, leg warmers and fuzzy headbands. Or MC Hammer pants. (No explanation necessary here).

    4. Dressing a couple of notches more "chill" than your colleagues...they're all wearing suits and ties and you show up in OP shorts (taking it way back to the 80's again on that one) shorts and a surf t-shirt...that might be a "meh."  

    Here's the thing...we are NOT how we dress. Our identity is ALWAYS in Jesus--we are beloved daughters or sons. But, we CAN respect the workplace.

    We dress like we're working for Jesus, because at the end of the day, we truly are.

    And there's always the weekend!