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  • Wednesday, January 03, 2018

    No more gifts!! I don't want to be a mean mom but I think we're getting a little too crazy with the gift giving. As Christmas was approaching, my husband and I discussed gifts, how much to spend and what to give. The more we talked, the smaller our gift list got. Are we trying to save money? Yes. Are we trying to simplify life? Absolutely. Even more than saving money and saving our sanity - we want to give something that lasts longer than a racecar or video game. 

    So, our new focus this past Christmas and for 2018: experiences. Experiences and memories. How many gifts do you remember getting as a child? How many experiences come to mind? Could be as simple as a lunch together at the park, or something more elaborate. For our youngest son his experience from Christmas was a football game with dad. He cried when he saw the tickets, saying it was the best thing he's ever gotten. At the game he never stopped smiling (see picture).

    Gifts aren't a bad thing but I only have a short time with my family and I don't want to lose an opportunity to create more experiences that hopefully will last a lifetime! -Amy