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  • Wednesday, June 21, 2017


    Welcome summer!! Ice-cream and pool parties - beaches and road trips - bbq's and baseball! There was nothing better as a kid than that last day of school knowing you had those long fun-filled summer days ahead! And there was nothing better than playing OUTside - remember when kids played outside?? Haha Whether it was the beach or a city park there was no shortage of the summertime games we would either make-up or play. Hide and seek, freeze-tag or stick ball and pickle. Anybody play cartoon tag?? The best! Or Lava! Turns out Lava is coming back with a vengeance online! That's the game where someone would yell “The floor is Lava” at any given time and the person they yelled it at had to quickly jump off the ground to the nearest surface to save themselves from falling in! Well, people have been having too much fun doing this again and posting the videos online. Parents and kids, wedding parties and even some folks playing Lava with their dogs, lol!

    Whether its Lava or all the other fun games we would play as kids, we really should be sharing all our silly childhood games with the next generation. You know, help them see how much fun being kicked out of the house until the streetlights come on actually is!

    So, lets bask in it. Here's to the freedom of summer, the fun, the friends, the family time and to all the fun memories we'll share and all the great memories we'll make!