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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

    If you're a fan of the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, you love the show's hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. Many of us were sad to learn that this season of Fixer Upper is their swan song, but as Christians, they felt that they needed to spend more time focusing on what is most important, their family.  

    The timing couldn't have been more perfect, Joanna is pregnant with their fifth child, and she shared recently that she is craving some pretty unusual foods.  Joanna craves ranch dressing on everything, as well as Fruity Pebbles cereal, spaghetti with chicken, deviled eggs, and sandwiches made with pimento cheese. 



    Did you any weird cravings while you were pregnant? 

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

    We would all like to believe that slavery is an ugly part of history, but sadly the narrative is quite different.  Slavery is worse now than at any time in human history! As many as 45 million people are enslaved, trafficked and exploited around the world; as much as we may want to believe that it doesn't happen here, it does.

    There is no way for us as Christians, armed with this information to stand by and do nothing.  The first time we became aware of what was happening was during an interview with K-LOVE artist Natalie Grant, who has started an organization to help rescue women who are the victims of human trafficking.  Natalie's involvement has lead to a number of other K-LOVE artists taking an active role in fighting against slavery and human trafficking.  

    Today we hope that you will join us in the fight by raising awareness for what is happening, by simply drawing a red X on your hand and sharing it on your socials, you can help raise awareness about the plight of slavery.  Be a voice for the 45 million who are without one!

      Awareness makes a huge difference, just two weeks ago, a ticketing agent from American Airlines in Sacramento, CA saved two girls from being lured in by traffickers. It was awareness that helped her see the warning signs that ultimately lead to these girls being protected.


    A friend called the show today that worked for the Department of Justice for years, she said the problem may be even worse than imagined.

    As in the past, the Church must speak out and fight against anyone being enslaved, trafficked or exploited; please join us in the fight! You can learn more about the #EndItMovement here.

  • Wednesday, February 21, 2018

    Today, we honor the life of the Reverend Billy Graham. After decades of passionately declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ, he is finally home.

    The powerful, personal stories that are pouring out are incredible! KLOVE artist Kari Jobe said “His entrance into heaven was probably one of the most epic experiences. I bet they've been party planning up there for weeks!” Zach Williams shared this thought from Billy Graham: “I am not going to Heaven because I have preached to great crowds or read the Bible many times. I'm going to Heaven just like that thief on the cross who said in that last moment: 'Lord, remember me.'”

    And Bart Millard from MercyMe shared a personal story about the moment when Billy took the time to hug him and pray for his son, who had just been diagnosed with diabetes. Bart said “Of all the amazing things Dr. Billy Graham has done for the kingdom of God, nothing will resonate more with me than that single moment.”

    And then there's Matthew West. His song “Next Thing You Know “ was written about the moment when, as a 13-year old boy watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV in the basement, he gave his heart to the Lord.

    Like Billy Graham, may we take every opportunity to let others know that the God of the universe is passionately in love with them!