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  • Thursday, March 01, 2018

    How do you respond when a friend says, "my wife is pregnant with another man's baby"?  I had that experience this summer when my friend, Phil, sat across from me in a coffee shop.  I was stunned, upon seeing the look on my face and a loud exclamation of "WHAT????", he burst into laughter!  Phil wasn't lying, his wife Carrie was pregnant with someone else's baby; and it is one of the kindest things I have ever witnessed!

    Carrie heard that her sister's best friend, Sarah, and her husband Brandon were struggling to have children. They desperately wanted a baby, and as a mom of two little boys, Carrie identified with the ache that they must have been feeling.  One day, during her prayer time, Carrie felt the Lord encouraging her to volunteer to be their surrogate, so she approached them, and as you can imagine, they were overjoyed and the wheels were set in motion.

    Phil and Carrie's doctor had a heart to heart with them about the potential dangers, but they both felt this was what God was calling them to do, and today, they are sitting in a Chicago hospital with Sarah and Brandon awaiting the arrival of baby Carter.