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  • Thursday, July 20, 2017

    Today OJ Simpson was granted parole and will be leaving prison on October 1st.  OJ admitted in his hearing that he was not always the best Christian, but that he is now committed to being a better follower of Christ.  Like you, I saw a number of people upset that OJ was being released; in reading some of the comments, I was reminded how often we have a tendency to judge others and extend little, if any, grace to others.

    But as Christians, we should be the very people, hoping and praying that OJ is a changed man.  If we can't believe that God can change OJ, can we believe that God can change any of us?  Are we all not wretched and in need of redemption?  Hope for OJ Simpson changing is hope for every single one of us being changed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ!



  • Wednesday, June 21, 2017

    No matter how long you have been married, you learn that it takes work and commitment. One thing that is important is keeping the spark in your marriage alive and with all that we have going on in our lives that is an area that takes some effort...wait, before you declare, "You lost me at effort!", hear me out.  It doesn't have to be as hard as you might have thought.  All you need are a couple of positive adjectives and some pictures of cute, little animals!

    Let me explain, I just read a new study, and researchers have discovered that one of the best and simplest ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship is to look at pictures of cute animals and associate them with your spouse!  I know that you might think this sounds crazy, but doctors found that often times our marital satisfaction is subtly tied to our day to day behaviors staying the same and the almost automatic associations those routines create toward your spouse.

    So they found that by breaking up those routines and associating positive associations with your spouse, like a picture of cute little puppy or a positive word, it dramatically changed how couples felt about each other and helped to keep that spark alive!

    The moral of the research is that thinking positively about your spouse is the the best way to keep the spark in your marriage and maintain the health of your relationship! 

  • Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    It can be easy to get sucked in by romantic comedies and start to believe that those are the standards for a real relationship.  The dangers, of course, leave you setting expectations that are unrealistic for real relationships and often set you up for a broken heart.  

    I read a great article today that examined some of the most classic one liners from romantic movies and broke down just how wrong they are.  Some of them are classic lines that you have probably heard quoted a million times, and maybe even quoted yourself.  Five classic lines like, "You complete me" from 'Jerry McGuire' made the list in the article, Pastor Barrett Johnson shared in the article that he all too often he sees couples embrace the ideals laid out in a two hour 'ROMCOM' rather than what God wants and expects in our relationships.  He points out that a line from a movie is terrible way to establish the foundation of your relationship and sets many couples up for failure.

    However, one line from a movie, actually delivers; Pastor Johnson said, a line from 'The Notebook', where Noah says to Allie, that he realizes marriage won't be easy, but no matter what it takes, he will love her and chooses her forever.  It is that kind of commitment that makes a relationship work, and not the idea of a soul mate completing you.  We are made complete only in Christ, and what makes a relationship and marriage work is allowing him to work on you and you offering grace to your spouse.  Marriage is simply one sinner marrying another, expecting your spouse to be perfect is wrong.