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  • Saturday, January 14, 2017

    Unfortunately 92% of us fail to keep our New Year's resolutions... but that doesn't mean you can't make 2017 the best year yet.  I read a great article in Relevant magazine that shares some fun ways to make this a great year.  Some of the things are fun like starting a dinner club with your friends and discovering new resturants using Yelp.

    Some are great ways to improve your life, like reading the entire Bible, using tech to get healthy and becoming an expert in something, like learning a new language.  Others suggestions tap into your adventurous side with suggestions like running a marathon, sky diving or traveling the World on a budget. 

    Some of my favorite suggestions are using this year to impact others by learning to be generous and trying your hand at mentoring.

    Check out the article (in the link above) and let me know what you're going to try this year. 

  • Sunday, January 01, 2017

    It's the time of the year that we all looking at making changes in our life, the time that we resolve to eat better, lose wright, exercise more, quit this or that, all good things, but perhaps we should look to make a commitment to things that are more than just skin deep.  I read a great article this week about suggested resolutions that we should all make in the New Year and I love the recommendations.  

    I thought I would share a few of the highlights that really resonated with me. What's great, is that making these changes, will not only make your life better, but it will benefit everyone you come in contact with.

    Although it may seem cliche, Praying More Often, should be something that we all work at in 2017. Unfortunately, time spent with God often becomes a casualty to our busyness, and it shouldn't. In fact, Ann Voskamp, puts it so well, "prayer should net be seen as the least we can do, but the most we can do." Time spent with God is the one thing that keeps life in the proper perspective and keeps you growing spiritually.

    Along with praying more often is Worrying Less. The Bible reminds over and over and over that we don't need to worry, in fact, 366 times in the Bible the Lord reminds us, "Do Not Be Afraid", "Fear Not", but instead encourages us to "Trust God".  Corrie Ten Boom said of worry, "Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow, it empties today of it's strength."

    We are admittedly pretty good at making small talk, whether it's about the latest thing we saw on Facebook or our favorite TV show, but this year make a commitment to Have More Meaningful Conversations. Sure, it can be scary to open yourself up to other people, but moving past small talk to deeper conversations can lead to you growing spiritually, socially and intellectually.

    This last one is perhaps the hardest, Complain Less and Do More. We live in world where we all have a platform, we all have a voice, and quite often we use that platform to complain about anything and everything. Let this be the year that your first inclination is not to vent and complain, but to look for ways to solve the problem.  Complaining will never fix the problem, finding solutions will.  

    Let's resolve to make differences in the New Year, rather than make excuses, not only will be better for it, so will rest of the World!

  • Wednesday, December 28, 2016

    In any relationship getting to to know each other is crucial. We embrace that way of thinking in our relationships with friends, family members, co-workers and most assuredly, with our spouse... But why is it that we struggle so often when it comes to embracing "getting to know" God.  I talk to a lot of people who struggle with intimacy in their relationship with God, if we are honest, many of us struggle with setting aside time to get to know God, yet we have no trouble poking around on Facebook for an hour, binge watching Netflix or sitting down with a good book, just not the 'Good Book'.

    If you feel intimidated, uncertain or overwhelmed, don't; God already knows everything there is to know about you and he loves you anyway.  He wants you to know him, because to know him, is to love him.  So this year, I hope that you'll join me in reading through the Bible.  I know that seems like a daunting task on the surface, but it really isn't.  The past couple years I have so enjoyed reading through the Bible with the help of a great devotional from Pastor Nicky Gumbel, he is a pastor from London who writes The Bible In One Year Bible study.  I can't tell you how much this study has inspired, taught and encouraged me, and I know that it will you too.  

    if you have a smart phone, you can find it on the YouVersion Bible app, under "plans", if you don't have the app, it is free and you can download it here. If you don't have a smart phone, no worries, you can get a daily email sent to you.  Adventurer Bear Grylls says, "It's my favorite way to start the day!" Make it yours too!