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  • Tuesday, January 02, 2018

    This time of year we all start thinking about the changes that we would like to make, as good as some of the resolutions we make are, there is one that is literally life changing!  It is simply spending more time in your Bible.

    According to the latest research, only 1/3 of Americans read there Bible at least once a week... Not a DAY, a WEEK, and we wonder why we aren't hearing from God.  As a pastor friend of mine puts it, "Why would you expect to hear from God when you haven't even read the letter that he has written to you."

    What a perfect time to make a change in that area of your life, and as you do, you will experience a whole new depth to your faith. As we read the Bible, God shares life changing truth with us, as you read the word, God responds.  God wants us to come to him, he created us for fellowship, yet often he is the last one that we make time for. One small change in the way you prioritize your 'daily to do list' has the potential to change your life moire than anything else.

    Ok, so now that you have decided to make a change, you may be wondering where to start; thankfully, technology gives you a ton of great resources at your finger tips.  If you haven't downloaded the free YouVersion Bible app for your smart phone or tablet, you can get it in your app store.  There you will find access not only to the Bible but a ton of study resources, including devotions, one of my favorites is "Bible In One Year" by Nicky Gumble, and If you prefer to watch videos, check out The Bible Project. 

    Happiness comes from what happens to you. Blessing is what happens to you through knowing God and meditating on his word.