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    • Cody Zeller, a 7 foot NBA basketball player for the Charlotte Bobcats, realizes the platform he has and the spotlight that is on his life. Following the footsteps of his two older brothers Luke and Tyler, also in the NBA, Cody has had two excellent role models to follow while still blazing his own trail. Growing up in Indiana, Cody witnessed his brothers' athletic success as well as how they continually shined the light and gave credit to Christ. Cody modeled their behavior as he helped transform a paltry Indiana University basketball program and finished his rookie season with the Charlotte Bobcats this year.

      Known also for his pranks and sense of humor, Cody is fully aware of the impact he has on fans. While not taking life too seriously, he strives to be an inspiration to the eyes that watch him.

      “I know a lot of people do look up to me because of my basketball ability,” Cody says. “But I try to be a good role model off the court and live for the Lord. I hope others will follow in my footsteps. I want to be a Christian and represent Christ’s Kingdom. I want people to look at me and want to know Christ.”

      - Cody Zeller, taken from Stephen Copeland of Sports Spectrum
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