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      How far would you go to prove the existence of God? “God’s Not Dead,” is a film about a young man’s quest to defend his faith above all costs. Directed by Harold Cronk, and staring Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, and Shane Harper, the film follows college freshman Josh Wheaton who finds his Christian faith challenged on the first day of Philosophy class, after a professor asks the students to denounce the existence of God by writing “God Is Dead,” or fail. When Josh refuses, his professor give him quite the assignment -- if he won’t say "God Is Dead," he must prove His existence.

      The film is getting people talking, and one of the stars, actor Kevin Sorbo, hopes the movie will stir up the right kind of conversations and lead those who don’t believe to a relationship with Christ. “I think it opens up discussion more than any movie,” Kevin said. “It’s not preaching to the choir … it’s creating a lot of dialogue.” He continues, “Agnostics out there who kind of believe, kind of don’t … these are the independent voters. We want them to come over to the right side.”

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