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      What do you get when you mix a fun family and a duck hunting business? You get A&E’s hit reality TV series, “Duck Dynasty.” The hugely popular show follows the Robertson family - Phil, Si, Jase, Willie, and Jep - who earned a fortune off their family-run business Duck Commander.

      These Louisiana natives are known for their laugh-out-loud quips, long beards, and also, their strong Christian views. "We're godly people. We really don't use filthy language. We really do fear God," Phil Robertson said. "We really do love you; you're our neighbor. We're gonna be good to you, really. And, we love you, irregardless of how you feel about us.”

      The show has broken numerous records with over 11 millions viewers -- making them the most-watched reality cable TV series in history. But even with all their success, the Robertsons still continue to give all the glory to God. "God has taken four guys that look like five miles of muddy road and made them famous in the TV world," Si Robertson said. "[People] ask us all the time, 'How did you become so successful?' That would be one answer: The Almighty is the one who has made this a success.’"

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