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    • You'll Get Through This

    • Max Lucado Lg

      by Max Lucado
      Max Lucado continues to inspire readers with his latest book You’ll Get Through This. He’s been a pastor for over 30 years, and a New York Times best-selling author known for books such as Just Like Jesus, When God Whispers Your Name, and In the Grip of Grace. But for his latest project, the pastor aims to help people through the tough times in life, by examining the Biblical the story of Joseph getting thrown into the pit.

      “Through the years, I've realized that one in every five people I see on a regular basis—on a Sunday—is passing through some kind of struggle. ‘My mother died last week,’ or "I just got laid off.’ So what do you say to somebody?” he explained. “Through the years, I developed this little mantra: ‘You're gonna get through this. It's not gonna be quick or painless, but you gotta believe God can use this mess for something good. So don't do anything foolish, but don't despair either.’ It's just something I've turned to over and over, like a favorite baseball glove, or a handy tool. And so I picked that theme for the book.’’’

      In addition to the book, readers are encouraged to post to the You’ll Get Through This prayer wall, to pray and support each other during times of heartache. “You'll get through this. Whatever "this" is — financial woes, relationship valleys, health crises,” the website writes. “In the mean time share your "this," and let others pray for you through your turbulent times.”

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