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The Quest to be Poor

Matthew 5:3

God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

Matthew 5:3 (NLT) 

Make me poor Lord. Sounds like the prayer of a crazy person right? Many people have prayed to get rich but much less have asked to be poor. Yet this is what Jesus seems to be saying in Matthew 5:3. Being poor is the pathway to blessing and happiness. Whaat?! Relax! It's not what it seems. Jesus is talking about a different kind of poor. It's not a condemnation of the rich. It's about being poor in spirit. Poor in spirit is the recognition that we truly have nothing and are nothing without God. It's a mindset of humility and dependence.

A person who is poor in spirit doesn't need a lot of accolades or recognition. Their satisfaction is found in a quiet faithfulness to God and the things he has called them to do. The poor in spirit are often very others focused. Because they don't need the limelight they find contentment in building up the lives of others and helping them shine. Asking others for help isn't a problem either because they know how much we all need one another. (Galatians 6:2)

How do we become poor in spirit? The first step is to recognize that you are a sinner who needs God's forgiveness. (Romans 3:23) This is also the first step to receiving Jesus and becoming a Christian. If you have previously accepted Christ then you already have a pretty good understanding of your poverty without Christ. If you have never received Christ then I would invite you to ask him into your life right now. Admit that you are a broken lost sinner who is spiritually poor without him. Ask him to come in and be the Lord of your life. He will do it as soon as you ask. (Revelation 3:20)

If you are already a Christian but have identified that there is no outward evidence that you are poor in spirit then you may be dealing with spiritual pride. Pride is an attitude that says I can do this myself or look at me doing it by myself. Both are wrong. It's time to repent (turn away) from this mindset and ask God to help you remember how poor in spirit you truly are. Now that you are out of the way God will be able to truly bless and use you to the fullest.

Going Deeper

1. Have you just asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life or made a rededication to him?

2. Are you struggling with spiritual pride that keeps you from being poor in spirit?

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