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  • K-LOVE has partnered with World Hope to provide resources for the K-LOVE Hope Center. Through this partnership, we hope to bring about a larger Revival of Detroit, to help fully restore the city to what it once was.



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    Hope Center God Detroit  

    Through the K-LOVE Hope Center, lives will be touched when needs are met and beneficiaries find the love of Jesus.  Kids with no place to go after school will find a loving place to learn and do helpful activities, be provided with mentors and tutors.

    Some of the planned initiatives include:  

    • Refuge for Kids (primary)   
      • After School Program  
        • Imaginarium  
        • FAME  
        • Sports  
        • Music Experience  
        • Fitness  
      •  Sports Program Outreach  
    • Hope Church  
    • Hope Center - Meeting Needs (initially Kitchen and Jackets)  
    • Recover - recovery program  
    • Music Venue - Impacting Culture  
    • FUTURE: Business Incubator       




    • Highest infant mortality rate in America. 3.5 times higher than Mexico.  
    • An estimated 10,000 families become homeless every year.  
    • 6 of the 7 schools in our district have been closed  
    • 3 out of 4 students in our district drop out of school, and of those that stay there is only at 68% graduation rate.  
    • Median home price in Detroit is $7,500, with thousands of properties on the market for $500 or less.  
    • Nearly 372,000 unemployed or underemployed in Detroit, which means that Detroit has more unemployed than the entire population of St. Louis.  
    • In a recent survey, half of the city's homeless population are at risk of imminent death.  


    Learn more about World Hope's Revival of Detroit project.  


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