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    Date: 1/11/2012 9:23 PM

    I was living the dream I was in my second year of professional baseball and was well on my way to playing in the big leagues with the Cincinnati Reds. Then, my world was turned upside down. On July 2, 2009, I was pitching in El Paso, Texas and was in the middle of a no-hitter. It was the fifth inning and it was my last outing in El Paso before I was to head to Dayton, Ohio to join the Reds' Low-A team. With one out, I fired a pitch to the plate and before I could react, the ball had come back directly at me. Directly at my head. The ball, which doctors estimated to be 140 mph, hit me in the right temple, fracturing my skull and changing my world. The blood that was flowing down the back of my throat from the exploded artery proved that I was no longer in the race for a no-hitter. I was in a race for my life. I came to know Jesus through this incredible ordeal. I met several people during this time that brought me to him, one in particular who has passed away since the tragedy. I have continued with my baseball career internationally and in the United States. After two brain surgeries, months of rehabilitation and tons of prayer, I am a walking testimony that God is great and God is real.

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