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    Date: 8/19/2012 7:26 PM

    Three weeks ago my brother & I were in a terrible roll over accident in my 97 Honda Passport, that I only had for 2 months... I lost control of the wheel going around a corner on a dirt road due to my back tire blowing out... We hit a dirt embankment & did a full barrel roll over...When all the dust had settled I looked over & saw my brother in the passenger seat uninjured. We made it out of the totaled car with no injuries & smiles on our faces knowing that God's mercy was shed upon us... God protected us & it is evident just by looking at the car, the front end destroyed all of the glass blown out in the back....But where we were sitting there is NO damage, the windshield is fine neither doors have a scratch on them, the roof has no damage over our seats... the sun roof & the rear view mirrors aren't even damaged.... & the most incredible part, the only thing that ended up in the front seat was MY BIBLE sitting at my feet reminding me of His mercy and love! Throughout this accident I have chosen to give thanks & praise to God....He has blessed me because of it.... I have now been blessed with a $900 donation from my church family towards a new car and have been given a Mini van from a family friend to drive until I can afford a new car... OUR GOD PROVIDES!

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