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    Date: 9/4/2012 11:19 PM

    Hello there! I hadn't been to a church and felt at home there in over 20 years. That was until about 4 months ago when I finally decided to visit Sun Valley in Casa Grande. The first thing that was very different and addicting was their type of music! I later found out that many of the songs we sang were on this station. So then I would turn to this station now and then just waiting to recognize a song, lol. It didn't take long! Then at the age of 30, I had an overwhelming feeling during the dedication/baptism service and decided that moment to get baptized! In my jeans and all. We came in and sang one of my favorite songs, Chris Tomlin's "Our God' and then I get in the car and what song is playing? "Our God"... There are sooo many times that I turn K-Love on and the song playing is that perfect song for the moment! I have always listened to hip hop/r&b, but lately I can hardly stand it. Why would I want to hear such songs when I can turn to 105.5 and hear an uplifting song that is going to make my day 10x better! Over the last 4 months between Sun Valley and K-Love, I feel so amazing and absolutely in love with the holy spirit. It's incredible. Thank you K-Love!

    Thanks for this great story !

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