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    Date: 10/1/2012 8:55 AM

    When I was 11 my parents began a youth group. The majority of them weren’t raised in a Christian home as I was. My heart longed to help them conquer their pain. In the process of my parents being leaders, I felt I had to be perfect. I struggled with many spiritual battles. I had grown a void in my heart because I had turned away from God. I remember months would go by with demons tormenting me. There were days I gave up, but I’d pick myself up the next week and try again. Those around me would say, “God will get you through, God still loves you, God won’t give up on you”...and with every word spoken from their mouths about Him, my heart became more and more dead to the thought of Him. As time went by, things got a little better. It seemed during worship was when God spoke to me the most. I went through many challenging battles but survived each one, becoming a little stronger. I have been rescued, so I may help rescue others, to reach the unchurched. I look back and I thank God for allowing me to go through those battles, because now I can understand the problems others have to deal with. I can now help people in a way I couldn’t before and for that I will forever be thankful.

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