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    Date: 10/1/2012 12:39 PM

    In 2005, as a single mom with 2 kids, I had a pretty cush job with the FAA. And then God called - thru my pastor. He wanted to know if I was interested in going into full-time ministry. I knew I was supposed to do this and was later offered the job at exactly half my current salary. But I still knew I was supposed to take it. The day I left the FAA, I had tears running down my face. What had I done?? And I flipped on KLOVE. "Voice of Truth" was playing. Yeah, I was following the voice of truth. And then it was followed with "Blink of an Eye". I knew it was time to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. 6 months later I married the most Christ-like man I've ever known and one year later I took a full cut in pay to be a stay at home mom. Been there ever since. Thank you, KLOVE for being there when I thought I'd lost my mind. Thank you for always being there.

    Thanks for this great story !

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