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    Date: 12/12/2012 8:25 AM

    We started the 30 day challenge in Feb this year. My 8 yr old complained the entire time, wanting me to change the station and counted down the days. At day 22 she complained one last time that we had 8 days left. Well she must have forgot and now we are in Dec! She knows every single song on your station and if you play a new one she knows immediately. Last night we reminder her, as she was singing songs so LOUD in the car on how muvh she wanted to change the station in the beginning of the year! She said "Thank you mom I love KKKKKKKK LOOOVVEEEE!" Than you for being such any awesome, encouraging, fun station! Lameka & Amiah Butler FYI her full name is Amiah Christian Butler Say it slowly AM-I-Ah Christian, my answer to that is yes she is!!!! Be blessed!!

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