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    Date: 3/4/2013 7:59 PM

    Hello, I want to tell you about my sister (Tammy Woody). She lost her husband last year to a long battle with cancer. She called me one morning on the way to work and we both had been listing to K-love that morning. She heard about the K-love cruises10th anniversary. She asked me if I would go with her and of course I said yes. Then, I asked off from work lol. We waited months for Jan. 31, 2013 to arrive. My sweet sister put on the sea patch so she wouldn't get sick. Well she got sick but we made it to the boat. I keep telling her we didn't have to go and she keep saying,' I' ve waited ten years to go.'She is a determined person!! Long story short is that we didnt get to go and ended up at the ER. We were blessed by the nicest people. While they were getting her ready to be transported to the ER the people around us prayed with me. It was an amazing feeling to have so many people love us and not know us. They called and checked on us for over a week. We didn't make the cruise but was blessed. I just wanted to say thank you K-love for taking care of us.

    Thanks for this great story !

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