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    Date: 3/13/2013 2:31 AM

    As long time listeners and supporters of KLove, I feel compelled to share our story! Our 26 year old daughter, divorced and a mother of two, found herself in the midst of a viscious cycle of prescription drug addiction which eventually graduated to using meth. On Christmas Eve, she failed to show up to celebrate with her children and our family so we knew something was horribly wrong. Her dad and I found her at her apartment completely out of her mind on Meth. We convinced her to come to our home where she eventually began her withdrawal over the next few days. We took her to the Teen Challenge Hannahs House here in our local community. Standing there, at Hannahs house, we witnessed an absolute miracle. She agreed to the intense one year program and has now been there for two months. The transformation of our daughter is nothing short of miraculous. Prior to entering Hannahs House, she shared with me of the many people she had met, drug addicts, that had lost everything to their addiction. I asked her what kept her from spiraling that far out of control. She said, "Honestly, mom, it was KLOVE. Sounds crazy but I made a decision to listen to KLOVE and nothing else a few months ago." Of course, we know that Jesus Christ is the true reason, but for our daughter, he showed up through your radio station every day. Thank you so very much for what you do! Blessings

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