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    Date: 3/27/2013 7:17 AM

    Klove is amazing, your all I listen to now w/o you guys and God Im not sure where I would be.I found out my Mom had cancer last sept.,on oct.6 my brother had a heart attack & went into a coma.My maternal grandmother died on oct17 and my brother passed away on oct.24 1 week to the day after my grandmother.My Mom & I held each other up with the help of God,we got through their deaths.I took my Mom in for her first chemo treatment on feb.22 but she was so weak she was put in the hospital that morning and went downhill fast. I held my Mother in my arms on the morning of feb.25 and sang every hymn I could to her as she died in my arms on that morning. I lost 3 generations of my loved ones in a 4 month period and am devastated,but with my church,you guys and the grace of God I am healing.The song that has kept me going is "Worn" by tenth avenue north, it has touched me deeply,it's my cry to God .Please hold my family up in prayer as much healing is still needed. You guys are amazing and just wanted to share what you are doing through the Lord our God!

    Thanks for this great story !

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