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    Date: 4/16/2013 6:28 PM

    I can't remember a day I haven't listened to K-LOVE at least once a day. It's true when people say that music is one of the best ways to worship our LORD. I just give thanks to God for giving two working ears and a joyful heart to give the praise to whom it belongs. Every morning on my way to my college classes I have to listen to worship music so I can go throughout my day with the best of intentions and the love of the LORD. Not only is worship music there for me in my best of days, it is also there in my lowest of moments. For example, one day I was driving down the interstate and I remember an incident in my life that still dredges up old feelings of self-loathing and depression. It was at that moment I knew that I had to stop, pull off the road, turn on the radio and pray. K-LOVE was on and "You Love Me Anyway" by Sidewalk Prophets was playing. It was at that moment that I felt God's presence. Ever since that moment, whenever I feel that issue come up, I never get down because I know my LORD forgives me and loves me anyway. That's why I love K-LOVE. God uses K-LOVE for the glory of GOD, and to GOD be the glory.

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