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    Date: 4/17/2013 11:41 AM

    I just wanted to share how even our little ones can make a difference. On Monday my little 5 year old girl, TylerKate was saddened by what she heard on the news. "Mom, why would people do that.?" We had family and friends running in Boston that day. She heard of a challenge to "Lace up and Run for Boston to show Love"... Early this morning she woke me up and started putting on her running shoes... It was 25 degrees outside early this morning.., She insisted on running to fulfill this challenge. She ran a full mile! "Mommy, the reason I want to run a mile is cause Boston needs to feel a LOT of love, and a mile is a real lot!" :) Light will always overcome darkness. These little ones have such an understanding of how love and light can turn sadness into hope and peace. Together we can make a difference... one person, one prayer, one act at a time. :) What an inspiration she is to me. She knows that love comes from Jesus, and she wants to share that love any way she can.

    Thanks for this great story !

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