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    Date: 4/25/2013 8:01 AM

    Over a year ago, I was listening to a rock station in our area on my clock radio when I realized the music had changed. It had switched to Klove. I laid there listening to the words of the song playing and thought, "Wow, this REALLY fits my life!!" I had NO clue how much this would impact my life this past year. Since June, I have survived the following: my 18 yr old son injuring himself in the Delaware Blue/Gold All star football game which pushed back his football opportunities in college for a year, (he redshirted but I also had to survive the 'empty nest' as we sent our youngest 10 hours away to a college in SC), my 17 yr old dog being diagnosed with renal failure and having to put him down (He held on for 9 mos but my daughter and I had to give him IV fluids every other day), my mother's health failing and finding out in January that she only had 2 to 4 mos to live because her breast cancer returned and had spread to the bone, and my daughter getting engaged and planning a wedding thru all of this. I learned the art of 'juggling' VERY well. I would NOT have survived without listening to Klove every day all day long. What started on my clock radio in the mornings, soon turned into listening in my car as well as at work on my computer all day long!

    Thanks for this great story !

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