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    Date: 5/9/2013 7:30 PM

    Me and my husband are young and approaching our one year anniversary this month. But it feels like there isn't going to a celebration for it. We do nothing but argue constantly and getting a seperation or divorce has been talked about a lot lately. I've just about given up hope. After another huge fight tonight I got on K-Loves website to check out their new songs, hoping something will speak to me from the Lord. The first song on the list was Restore by Christ August. And I was in tears by reading the lyrics "He said with this ring I promise, and with I do she said forever but right now if they're being honest they don't know if they'll stay together" It's amazing how God speaks to you if you only look for what He's trying to say. I know our marriage will be far from easy. We have a lot of problems that need fixed. But I know if i rely on the Lord for guidance, He will lead me through these hard times. As the song says "So if you're feeling like it’s falling apart and it can't go on anymore. God is a God who knows how to heal so just give it up to the Lord and He will restore." Thank you so much K-Love, for allowing God to speak through you.

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