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    Date: 5/22/2013 11:47 AM

    wow I cant tell my story in 250 words, too many miracles to list, through christ jesus Ive been able to walk away from a life of drug addiction, that spaned my entire life from age 13 to age 44, sep 6, 2012 I gave up my life and will to that of jesus, sep 7, I awoke a renewed man in every way, no more meth addiction, no more smoking weed, no more alcohol, no more swearing, no more judging people, no more struggling with life, deemed Mr happy by all who know me, through the love of jesus I know all things are possible, including, but not limmited to anything of this world, because 3 weeks after my surrender my father was diognosed with stage five melinoma cancer in his brain, thru the change my dad saw in me by our father in heaven his faith is of biblical perportions, a quote from my dad, if he can change you like he has, he can do anything. unquote. my dad suffered not a day and neither have I. he since had that cancer removed from the center of his brain and is doing great today. Amen I would like nothing more than my dad and I to come to your station and share this message of hope, faith, and healing with K-love listeners around the world, for what has been done for me can be done for all. thank you jesus I love you and will serve you.

    Thanks for this great story !

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