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    Date: 6/22/2013 7:29 PM

    My story. Im 17 years old. I grew up without my dad in my life. he left me at 3 years old.I didn't grow up in a church, and my mom was always busy doing her own things so therefore I was allowed to do anything I wanted. 8th grade I got into drinking and smoking. I did that all the way up to my junior year. I found God at a younglife camp and from there on Jesus has rocked my world. He's brought almost my whole family to church. I brought my sister to a CIY camp and now we can officially say we are sisters in Christ. I watched a marriage get saved through Jesus. I have got to watch so many kids with tears of joy because they gave their lifes to jesus. They have come from dead to ALIVE in Jesus Christ, including myself. One of my favorites is since my earthly father is never here for me, Jesus taught me that he is and he always will be. Not only that, but I have finally learned what the true meaning of love is and how to love others. AND he soften my heart so I could FINALLY forgive my dad. I plan to share his love throughout my school, college and my future job. I just cant get enough. He died for me so I want to live for him until the day I can finally go home to heaven.

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