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    Date: 6/23/2013 3:57 PM

    My husband and I became foster parents of a 13 month old little boy in 2001. After two and a half years of weekly visits, parental rights were terminated and we adopted him. At the time he came into foster care, his biological Mom was pregnant. That little boy was also taken into foster care and later adopted by another family. We told our son at an early age that he is special because we had prayed and asked God to send us a child and God chose to send him to us. We told him that he is adopted and that he has a brother. However, we had lost contact with his brother's adopted family. We started visiting a different church several weeks ago. Today, after my husband and I came out of Sunday School we saw our son walking down the hall with another boy and when they turned around, we knew who it was. They look so much alike. We waited and talked to his adoptive parents, had lunch with them, exchanged phone numbers. The boys are so excited to have met and plan to get together soon. We know that this is all God's doing! Over the years, our son has had questions and today, some of them were answered. God brought us to this church for a reason and now we know what that reason is. Praise God!

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