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    Date: 9/13/2013 4:37 AM

    There was a man standing on the street asking for change, it was over 90F I was in my car with A/C on, still too hot. God placed his spirit upon my heart to pray with that man. When I parked my car to pray with him, there was a another man standing on the other side. I laid hands on them and prayed with them. I went to Cook Out restaurant to sit and eat lunch with them, I only had 17 dollars in my wallet, that was all I had, but they were hungry, and thirsty I didn't think of anything but to buy them food. And I shared little bit of God's love that poured upon me. They kept repeating themselves, "thank you" and couldn't stop crying. They told me they have been rejected by so many people because of how they look and they had nothing. That night I had dream, that homeless guy came upon my dream. He was smiling, and reaching his hands out to me and said "You feed me when I was hungry, you gave me water when I was thirsty, You took care of me when everyone was disgusted by my look, You gave everything that you had. Now let me take care of your life. Great job my servant, your heart, your love will touch the lost souls, and bring them back to me." It was my Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for this great story !

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