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    Date: 9/13/2013 8:29 AM

    KLove has been such a blessing in this season of my life. God is building my faith right now for the next level of ministry and life in general. We know how tough things can get when God is strengthening our faith. One day last week, I had a really challenging day. I had a job interview so I headed downtown Chicago. I couldn't find a parking space and I missed my appointment. So I was stuck in traffic with no gas in my car. I finally made it to a gas station and got enough gas to make it near my home, an hour away. As soon as I reached my mom's church, my car dies. I got a jump that lasted all of 30 minutes. My car just shut down basically and I could only go about 10 mph with no lights. But it didn't completely die until I made it to an auto parts store. Six months ago I would have just balled up and cried myself to sleep. But I was overwhelmed with encouragement. God made sure my car didn't break down in rush hour far away from home. I was safe and around people I know. He is so faithful! I encourage all to change your perspective in the midst of your mess because He is faithful! Thanks KLove for helping us stay positive! Love you all!

    Thanks for this great story !

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