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    Date: 9/16/2013 7:49 AM

    Just want to praise God for the things he has done in my life. I run a child care center for the last 21 years and finally my dream of owning my own center where I can teach the word of God everyday is coming true. Not only will I be able to bring children into a nice, loving environment, teach them all about Jesus, but I will be able to reach out into the community and help others. I have had many trials, that have been tough, I didn't realize at the time he was preparing me for this wonderful journey I am on. My Pastor was there the whole time telling me not to lose faith. I stayed faithful reading my bible, working with the youth at church, and I stayed on my knees. Our church purchased a new building a little less than a year ago and that is when my Pastor said here is a place to make your vision and your dream happen. My Pastor believes in me!! Just like my heavenly father. I am blessed beyond words, I am honored, I am humbled, most of all I am thankful for every trail I have endured to come to this place in my life. Tomorrow we are to receive our license for the new center. God is so very good.

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