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    Date: 11/26/2013 2:35 PM

    I am an adult "child" whose mother died in '08. She and I lived together for about 50 years of my life. We went through divorces together and all kinds of survival AND good times, together. When she passed, I was alone. Literally. KLOVE popped onto my radio via a cousin mentioning it. Figured I'd test it out. Did the 30 day challenge and thought ok, nice music, but I was still in my "own place". A couple songs popped on and hit me like a brick. Not sure of the names, but "All I Know Is I'm Not Home Yet" and Need You Now". I thought other people feel like me?? I got involved, started listening at every chance. Gave at the time of the Fundraiser. A lady called me from KLOVE out of the blue. Asked how I was, did I need prayer, etc. I was so STUNNED someone CALLED, I said all was fine. I hung up, cried and right then, I KNOW Jesus showed me I am NOT alone on this earth. I have the KLOVE family. MY family. Not a cliche'!! Y'all really DO CARE. KLOVE saved me. Jesus saved me long ago, but He also allowed KLOVE to give me my joy back. I live with you and will until "I" go home. THANK YOU JESUS and THANK YOU KLOVE for making ME a part of YOUR family. I have "times", but my JOY, REAL joy....is BACK. God Bless you ALL!!

    Thanks for this great story !

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