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    Date: 12/18/2013 12:20 PM

    I was a drunk and a drug addict. I tried to stop for several years(about 7). with no success. I had 2 DWI's and when I received my 3rd, I hit rock bottom. Having lost my wife to these additions, I was in disrepair. I had to do something. I was sent to a federal probation officer prier to Court. This lady told me that a "Drug and alcohol program was starting, and asked I wanted to go. She said it was Christian Based. I said yes. Three times I failed to show, and on the 4th time she told me, either go to the program or go to jail. That Thursday I was at the program.Let me shorten this story a little. The program was for 36 weeks. If you missed 3 times in any given phase(there were 3) you would have to re start that phase. Almost a year later I completed the class. Still drinking and doing drugs, I went on my way. I was sick and I was tired. I would ask the Lord to remove this habit from me. Not knowing much about the Lord, I almost stopped. I wanted to mark my sobriety with a special date. My birthday was just around the corner, and I chose that date to stop. August 3, I have 19 years of sobriety and drug free. I went on to teach the class for about 7 years. Born again,and love Jesus & my church.

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