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    Date: 1/2/2014 5:46 PM

    The 30 day challenge. My late childhood and adolescence was racked with personal problems that I won't mention here. I internalized all these things and never dealt with them. Over the years the internalized feelings turned to anger, bitterness and then internal rage. I had given my life to Christ when I was 14, but throughout my adult life, I never dealt with any of the past issues. I am 60 now, and over the past year or so, the anger started coming out at work. Last spring, my supervisor, who is a wonderful Christian, detected the anger in me, and started talking to me about my life. For the first time in my life I told someone some of the things I went through. She prayed about this, and told me that she was led to ask me to listen to KLOVE for 30 days, as she believed that the message through the music might help me heal. I protested because I thought it would be the hard rock kind of Christian music, but I agreed to do so. I was blown away at the positiveness of the whole station, and the message through the music has helped me to see that my childhood and adolescence, along with my present life, is in God's hands. The first song that got my attention, and that I claim as my banner, I Am A Child Of The One True King. Thank you KLOVE.

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