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    Date: 1/3/2014 3:09 PM

    Unfortunately while incarcerated my 9 year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia back in July. No one gets phone calls in jail but I got two of them. The last one in August informing me he had possibly less than four hours to live. Looking for support in a place where there is little good, a man gave me a radio and tuned it to K-LOVE. As they say no more tears. I found comfort in not only the music but the callers. I never prayed for my son to be healed but for God`s will to be done submitting to His will. Reminding Him of his wonderful creation that is my son letting Him know his purpose hasn't yet been fulfilled. I don't believe this was a test of my family`s faith but something that made us stronger and able to comfort others in the same situation. Today, singing Chris Tomlin`s Our God is Greater and seeing him take steps with his walker I couldn't help but tear up. He's surrounded by smiles because people seem to see the light in him. Thanks K-LOVE, thanks K-LOVE supporters, thank you Tina Phillips, thank you CHOP, thank you everyone who prayed for our family, but most importantly thank you Jesus for by your stripes my son Brandon Heiler was healed. He gets stronger everyday and we`'ll continue to listen gratefully.

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