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    Date: 3/17/2014 9:47 PM

    At the end of my senior year of high school i snapped after a tough breakup. within the following year I lost my virginity and slept around often, partied, drank, tried drugs, smoked cigarettes....I basically lived irresponsibly because I had lost all respect for myself. Then October 31 2013 my life flipped around. My "friends" were smoking weed in my car and I freaked out at them and almost drove them home but was convinced to go to a halloween party regardless. leaving the party the one girl brought open alcohol in my car and I noticed and freaked out ...again. long story short by the end of the night I told them to never ask me for a ride again. Since that night I have not smoked weed or gone to any crazy parties. In that one night i opened my eyes and saw my life needed to change. I started listening to klove often and attending church wednesday nights. I now only have klove pre-sets on my radio and God has brought an encouraging and motivating man into my life who goes to church with me on sundays so i now go twice a week and take part in tithing for the first time ever. Every day I see God working in my life in new ways, and I know That He is to thank for all the positive things in my life and it is He who guided me out of my ways

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