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    Date: 3/25/2014 4:01 PM

    At 18 and unmarried, I gave birth to a baby that I gave up for adoption. Since then I have had 3 more children, yet my life has not felt complete. I have given my life to Christ and trust Him, yet I have kept this a deep secret. It has been on my mind and heart, especially over the past few years, and I have felt that I needed to confess it, but it was too painful. It was 32 years ago that I had that child, and have always wondered what his life was like, or if I would ever know. Well, on March 5th I found a message on FB from my son! I have been so overwhelmed with emotion! We are both so excited. He tells me that he has been blessed in life and he now has 2 children of his own! I have been communicating with him daily now and plan to go see him in May. I have chatted a bit with his mother also, who told me she was "looking forward to sharing, crying and praising God together". This is such a huge blessing and an answered prayer for both of us! He had been searching for me for 14 years and it is just amazing that he found me! The message sat in an unread messages folder for 18 months before I just happened to find it. What a true joy!! Praise God!

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