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    Date: 6/8/2014 8:47 PM

    On the night of January 4,2014 i received a knock on the door no one ever wants go get, especially being a officer's wife. 2 officers were standing on my door step, my husband had been in a accident and needed me at the hospital now. As my mother in law stayed with our 2yr old daughter the officer places me in the car, the ride seemed forever. The officer told me my husband was on foot pursuit when a sheriff came around the corner and at the last minute tried to swerve but still hit him throwing him five feet. GOD is truly amazing! My husband got to come home just 3 days later, after doctor says it would be several weeks. Recovery from many things such a bleeding in the brain skull fracture, bumps and bruise, broken thumb. My husband is well and healthy and we are very blessed. God has work many miracles in our life's and he isn't even close to being done. Keeping FAITH in god is the strongest thing that has help me through this long road of recovering. K-love along with our amazing pastors Don and Paulette Caywood from odessa Christian faith center in odessa tx has keep my heart at peace day and night. Thank you

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