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    Date: 6/19/2014 11:20 PM

    Four months ago one of the best and worst moments of my life all occurred in a few short hours. February 18th my daughter Jozzie was born. She ended up getting meningitis and went septic in a matter of hours after birth. She was so sick that the hospital was afraid to even transport her to Arkansas Children's Hospital for fear she could die on the way even though via helicopter it was a mere 45 minutes away. Once she got to the hospital they put her on a machine called ECMO which is essentially like heart lung bypass. While on ECMO she started to have seizures at an astonishing rate of 11 an hour. She has 3 bleeds in her brain. We were then asked to make the toughest decisions of our lives. But I new the conversation with the doctor was coming. Me and my husband prayed we set up a page called Jozzies Prayer Warriors. We had people from near and far pray. Then the doctor came in he informed us that we should shut off the machines that she was to sick to make it and she only had a 1% chance of surviving. I remained strong in my faith and told him I could not give up on her. What that doctor didn't know was that God prepared me. She is now a healthy 4 month old baby girl. We tell her God couldn't help but to listen to all the prayers!!

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