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    Date: 7/16/2014 9:24 AM

    On February 26 of this year my life and my families lives forever changed. I had become sick several weeksearlier and after 2 trips to the clinic I was referred to a specialist to find out why i was jaundice and constantly sick. On February 25 I was placed in the hospital to have, what the specialist thought removal of a gallstone that had lodged itself in a bile duct. February 26th after having the procedure my husband and girls were given the news that no family is ready to hear, a tumor was found in my pancreas. After my family gave me the news I laid in my bed crying and planning what I had decided was my last days. The next morning I began praying and reading scripture about Gods healing power. I felt such a piece and new that God would be healing me. As of today I have received 3 months of chemo and I am currently receiving chemo and radiation. We have prayed without ceasing that God would shrink the cancer and he has! My physicians are amazed at my progress and I tell them it's only through Gods healing power that the cancer is shrinking. My daughter and I have declard the Mash-up by Anthem lights as our song. We listen to it daily on the way to treatment. Thank you kLove for telling my story.

    Thanks for this great story !

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