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    Date: 7/18/2014 7:01 AM

    God is so good. When I had my first miscarriage, I was so angry at God. How could that have happened - all I wanted was to be a MOM. In tears, I asked God to show me that His Word had something for me in this situation. And He revealed Himself through Isaiah 54:1. He really was with me through this trial. With continued prayer, I knew God was going to let me have a child. So, after more years of struggling to become pregnant, fertility drugs, and miscarriages, I was finally done. I figured I had just misunderstood what God was telling me. I was having complications from a recent miscarriage, so my doctor and I decided a hysterectomy would be my best option. I was going through my pre-op testing when the ultra sound technician said. Do you hear that? I said what? She said it is a heartbeat. I was still pregnant. I had been carrying twins and had miscarried one. I was immediately listed as a high-risk pregnancy. It has been just over 11 years since my son was born. He has already given his life to God and we seek God's Word daily for answers. Thanks God!!

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